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Responsible communication

Wim is an author, documentary maker, researcher, speaker and communication strategist.

His work focuses on our sustainable transition and what role communication plays in it. He is convinced that the story of our world's sustainable transition can be told more effectively and that the business world has a critical role to play in this. Therefore, his work mainly revolves around how companies can communicate more effectively and credibly about how they help make our world sustainable.  

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In the turbulent times ahead, we need courageous marketer who dare to change the narrative.


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A book on the perception and importance of sustainability in Belgium


In this book, Wim Vermeulen and Prof. Dr. Gino Verleye present the results of their research on sustainability. They analyse what companies and policymakers should know about the sustainable Belgians. How worried are they about the climate problem ? Do they believe that we will get the climate problem under control? Who should take the lead the sustainable transition and whom do they trust? How many Belgians are already adapting their lifestyle? You will find these and other insights in their book.

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"This is a fantastic book. A must-read for every marketer and especially the digital marketer, who drives data-driven strategies"


"A brilliant and compellingly written exploration of the truths and nonsenses of marketing effectiveness.

Loaded with intriguing case studies and hard data, it is entertaining and informing in equal measure.

I wish I had written it."

Peter Field

Marketing Consultant and Author


"A great book to introduce the new generation of marketers and advertisers to the profession and psychology of today's demanding consumer."


"An extremely comprehensive and up-to-date book on how marketers should market their brand in a post-digital world."


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The Decade of Action is a documentary on sustainability and why businesses need to go all-in. 

The Decade of Action is a documentary on why businesses need to put sustainability at the top of the corporate agenda, featuring Paul Polman (ex-CEO Unilever), Frans Timmermans, Pia Heidenmark Cook (Ikea), Prof. Dr. Johan Rockström, Ilham Kadri (CEO Solvay), Ryan Gellert (CEO Patagonia) and others.


We know that the drive for greater sustainability affects every aspect of what a company or a brand does. We also know that many consumers doubt the sincerity of companies' sustainability efforts. Because many are not yet convinced, they judge campaigns for sustainable products more critically than those for regular products i.e. products that do not claim to be environmentally friendly. Yet we create sustainable campaigns as we create them for regular products. And this is causing problems. Only 9.7% of the 100 sustainable campaigns we tested turned out to be credible for the consumers. So how do you advertise sustainability then? This book shows what drives credibility.

Download the white paper at https://www.bubka.be/en/responsible-growth/fastcheck

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Wim is the Director of Strategy and Sustainability at  BubkaHe is a Lecturer at the Solvay Business School, Vlerick Business School and an international keynote speaker. He is also a master in both Political and Communication Science and studied management and marketing strategy at Cambridge and Oxford University. Recently he studied Corporate Sustainability at the London Business School.

He worked in London, New York, Moscow and Brussels before he became partner at Bubka.

His third book is scheduled for release in September 2022.


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