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Hattrick for the TapForward communication model.

EG, Dentsu Consulting, the little girl and the viking
The Little Girl and The Viking, an EG film

Sometimes dreams do come true.

Two years ago I wondered where all the fantastic advertising campaigns were gone. You know, the ones that take you breath away, are impossible to ignore and are highly effective. I decided to find out.

In my research I came across an emerging communication model which I called the TapForward communication model. The campaigns that fitted this model where actually the campaigns I was looking for: big ideas watched, shared and commented by millions of people returning amazing business results.

I wrote my findings down in a book called Marketing for the Mad (Wo)Men of Tomorrow.

And then the most amazing thing happened. A company asked me to implement my model on their marketing campaigns. The company is EG, the market leader in generic medicine. Well-known to doctors and pharmacists, to consumers the brand is unknown: a white sheet of paper on which a brand story can be written on.

This film is the cornerstone of the second part of the EG marketing campaigns. It's the work of a group of very talented people.

The results have been amazing:

What is most amazing is the appreciation of my peers. This campaign has received 3 awards so far:

. Bronze award at the EFFIE's:

No campaign has scored this hattrick this year in Belgium.

But most important of all, with this EC campaign we have been able to prove that the Tapforward model not only exist on paper, but has successfully undergone the reality test.

Sometimes dreams do come true.

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