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Marketing For the Mad (Wo)Men of Tomorrow

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"A brilliant and compellingly written exploration of the truths and nonsenses of marketing effectiveness.

Loaded with intriguing case studies and hard data, it is entertaining and informing in equal measure.

I wish I had written it."

Peter Field

Marketing Consultant and Author

"A provocative rallying cry to business leaders struggling to adapt to our world’s new operating system. This book provides a much needed kick in the pants to those who resist change and a call to arms to those who know it must be embraced."


Denise Lee Yohn

Author of the bestselling books What Great Brands Do and FUSION.’


 Ad blocking is the biggest consumer revolt in history, even though the unprecedented access to consumer data and technology is allowing marketers, more then ever before, to bring the right message to the right consumer. This confirms that our work is increasingly ignored by the consumers, resulting in a sharp decline of advertising effectiveness in the last ten years. However, a number of recent marketing campaigns have created a massive consumer uptake and brought spectacular sales and brand building results.

In his first book, Marketing voor de Mad Men van Morgen, Wim studies insights from neuroscience, consumer psychology and data of the world's most successful campaigns to understand why the effectiveness of our work is declining and what it is that makes those recent campaigns so successful. He introduces the TapForward communication model, a model that not only outperforms other communication models, but also successfully prepares brands for the world of algorithms and conversational commerce we are entering today. 

Marketing voor de Mad (Wo)Men van Morgen

"Dit is een fantastisch boek. Moet je als marketeer echt gelezen hebben. Zeker de digitale marketeer, die vaart op data-driven strategieën"


"Een uitermate bevattelijk en actueel boek over hoe marketeers hun merk in de markt moeten zetten in een postdigitale wereld"



"BAM's choice of Marketing Book of the Year 2018"

"Een mooi boek om de nieuwe generatie marketeers en reclamemensen in te wijden in het vak en in de psychologie van de hedendaagse, veeleisende consument."


 Keynotes & workshops 

KEYNOTE Ad blocking is the biggest consumer revolt in history, even though the unprecedented access to consumer data and technology is allowing brands more than ever before to bring the right message to the right consumer. However, a few brands have recently launched marketing campaigns that are hugely successful, have a massive consumer uptake and bring spectacular sales and brand building results.

In this keynote and workshop we crack the code on moneymaking advertising in this digital world and share what it takes to be one of those brands. We use insights from neuroscience, consumer psychology and data of the world's most successful campaigns to understand what makes those campaigns so successful. We introduce the TapForward communication model and show how it outperforms the existing communication models and why it positions your brand successfully for the age of the algorithms and conversational commerce ahead of us.


WORKSHOP In an increasingly digitalised world, a new communication model is emerging: the TapForward-model. It outperforms the existing models on sales as well as brand building effects. If implemented correctly it brings sustainable growth and positions you best for the conversational platform shift.

​By showing how TapForward works for different brands, we discover the rules of the model and evaluate if it applies to your brands. If so, we will set up a framework for implementation.

Get your brand ready for Conversational Marketing

WORKSHOP If you make your shopping list, how do you write down the products you need? Do you write coffee or your favourite brand of coffee? Indeed, people use the generic description. What do you think people ask Alexa when they need coffee? And what does that mean for brands?


The next platform shift has arrived. In a world of algorithms we increasingly speak with our technological devices and personal assistants. How do you prepare for voice searching and voice shopping? We discuss it in the keynote. In the workshop we start implementing the first steps.

WORKSHOP Technological change isn't slowing down, it is speeding up. Today we have different platform shifts happening at the same time: VOICE is one and is increasingly becoming mainstream. The other platform that is waiting for mainstream implementation is AR (augmented reality). But then there is A.I., the Blockchain and a number of other upcoming technologies that will influence how consumers interact with our brands.

The Tapforward Innovation Model suggest a methodology to define, prioritise and scope your marketing innovation investments.

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"Wim tells an interesting and fascinating story that makes you think about how our communication has become less efficient under the pressure of short term results. Simple and clear. Refreshing in these times of digital communication overload."

Peter Quaghebeur, CEO SBS Belgium

"A fascinating and inspiring presentation. There has been a lot of discussion about it afterward, the effect we wanted to achieve.."


Joke Costrop, KBC

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 About me 

Wim is the Director of Strategy and Innovation at Dentsu Aegis Network and Managing Director of Dentsu Consulting in Brussels. He has a strong background both in the digital and traditional advertising industry. The creative agencies he worked at, the startups he was involved in and the international digital agencies he headed give him solid experience in Digital Transformation and Brand Innovation.


He is a Lecturer at the Solvay Business School and an international keynote speaker.


He is also a master in both Political and Communication Science and studied management and marketing strategy at Cambridge and Oxford University.

Marketing for the Mad (Wo)Men of Tomorrow is his first book.

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