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Wim Vermeulen

Change marketing, marketing change.

Wim is an author, documentary maker, researcher, speaker, and partner at Bubka.


His academic work focuses on the sustainable Demand Shift. Together with his team, he created the RGM marketing model (Responsible Growth Model) that, on one hand, identifies the sustainable growth potential for companies and brands and, on the other hand, shows how to credibly and effectively present those opportunities to consumers, thereby facilitating a shift from conventional to sustainable consumer products and services.

In 2023 his work was recognized by the marketing industry by winning the Silver Marketing Leadership Award and his latest book 'Speak Up Now' was awarded the PIM literature award in the Netherlands. BUBKA was awarded Agency of the Year 2024 in the category Positive Impact. 

Wim Vermeulen


PIM literatuur prijs 2023

We know that the drive for greater sustainability affects every aspect of what a company or a brand does. We also know that many consumers doubt the sincerity of companies' sustainability efforts. Because many are not yet convinced, they judge how sustainable products are marketed differently. Yet we market sustainable products as we market regular products. And this is causing a huge credibility deficit: less than one out of ten advertising campaigns for sustainable products turn out to be credible for the consumers. So how do you market sustainability then? That’s the question 'Speak Up Now, Marketing in times of climate crises' wants to answer. 


Book of the Month
 Belgian association of marketing

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"Brand purpose advertising has had a rough ride with marketing scien- tists who argue that in general it does not drive business success. In the context of the most important purpose we face today – sustainability – Wim Vermeulen explores this challenge and reminds us that people are increasingly expecting companies to help solve the problems we face. Silence and inactivity are not options, whatever the anti-purpose pedagogues may think. Wim is rightly critical of greenwashing and demonstrates how widespread a problem it is. But he also points out that just because many companies wrongly think they can get away with incredible claims, doesn’t mean that credible advertising is ineffective. This is a must-read for marketers in any business that is committed to sustainability – and a wake-up call to the others."


Peter Field

Godfather of marketing effectiveness

“Action is what the world needs today. Speak up Now! is important to read for any marketer who is committed to help the planet and wants to understand how to speak the language of the new climate normal”.

Paul Polman

Business leader, climate and equality

campaigner, co-author of Net Positive

"To moderate the climate crisis, the business sector must deliver. Just labelling a product 'sustainable' is not enough. Wim Vermeulen convincingly demonstrates that advertising professionals - the architects of desire - must be part of the solution, refuse to further greenwash products, and instead lead the conversation towards true climate neutrality".

Prof. Dr. Felix Creutzig

Lead Author of the IPCC's AR6

MCC Berlin

“In this wonderfully written and engaging book, Vermeulen makes a robust and compelling case for the powerful role that marketers can play toward addressing the climate emergency. Anyone in the marketing and advertising field who is interested in learning how to speak the language of the new climate normal, and how to lead net-zero campaigns should read this book!”

Prof. Dr. Ioannis Ioannou

London Business School

"Wim takes a fascinating and original perspective on climate change in this book. He combines new (alarming) facts with pinpointing to an underexposed area, being the need to rewire marketing in a more sustainable world."

Prof. Xavier Baeten
Vlerick Business School

De Duurzame Belg

A book on the perception and importance of sustainability in Belgium

In this book, Wim Vermeulen and Prof. Dr. Gino Verleye present the results of their research on sustainability. They analyse what companies and policymakers should know about the sustainable Belgians. How worried are they about the climate problem ? Do they believe that we will get the climate problem under control? Who should take the lead the sustainable transition and whom do they trust? How many Belgians are already adapting their lifestyle? You will find these and other insights in their book.

"A brilliant and compellingly written exploration of the truths and nonsenses of marketing effectiveness.

Loaded with intriguing case studies and hard data, it is entertaining and informing in equal measure.

I wish I had written it."

Peter Field

Marketing Consultant and Author

marketing for the madmen of tomorrow

"This is a fantastic book. A must-read for every marketer and especially the digital marketer, who drives data-driven strategies"


"A great book to introduce the new generation of marketers and advertisers to the profession and psychology of today's demanding consumer."

"An extremely comprehensive and up-to-date book on how marketers should market their brand in a post-digital world."



The Decade of Action is a documentary on sustainability and why businesses need to go all-in. 

The Decade of Action is a documentary on why businesses need to put sustainability at the top of the corporate agenda, featuring Paul Polman (ex-CEO Unilever), Frans Timmermans, Pia Heidenmark Cook (Ikea), Prof. Dr. Johan Rockström, Ilham Kadri (CEO Solvay), Ryan Gellert (CEO Patagonia) and others.


Together with Prof. Dr. Gino Verleye we tested 100 campaigns advertising sustainable products or services.  Only 9.7%  turned out to be credible for the consumers. So how do you advertise sustainability then? This research paper points to the drivers of credibility.

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speak up now,
for keeping silent
is doing nothing.


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Wim is the Director of Strategy and Sustainability at  BubkaHe is a Lecturer at the Solvay Business School, Vlerick Business School and an international keynote speaker. He is also a master in both Political and Communication Science and studied management and marketing strategy at Cambridge and Oxford University. Recently he studied Corporate Sustainability at the London Business School.

He worked in London, New York, Moscow and Brussels before he became partner at Bubka.


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